Acura Dashboard Lights - What Do They Mean?

Cruising down the road, wind blowing on your face and jammin’ to your favorite tune, only to see a luminous glow appear from your dashboard…and one that you’ve never seen before. Do you need to stop and assess the situation pronto? Can you make it to your destination safely? What’s going on with your beloved Acura…and what do you do?

Why Do Acura Dashboard Warning Lights Come On

Don’t panic! Dashboard warning lights help notify you that there is perhaps a problem within your vehicle’s internal system. This communication device uses a multitude of sensors and sophisticated on-board equipment to self-diagnose a wide range of performance issues, which alerts you that there is some sort of malfunction happening.

Sometimes, you’ll see warning and indicator lights appear when the ignition is switched on, and then disappear once the motor starts running and you start driving. Other times you’ll see these lights illuminate while driving, and they may even flash and be accompanied by a chime or other noise. Also, seeing lights in the instrument cluster indicate that a system is actively operating.

What Do The Different Colors Mean?

Not all lights are the same - they vary from car make and model (so be sure to check your owner’s manual), but generally the color of the illuminated lights indicate the seriousness of the malfunction.

  • Green/Blue: Indicates that a system is active, and properly working.
  • Yellow/Orange: Indicates that a component needs servicing soon.
  • Red: Indicates a serious problem or potential safety issue. Get to a certified Acura repair mechanic immediately.

*Note: Flashing illuminated symbols should be checked asap, so contact your local Acura mechanic.

What Are Some of the Symbol Indicators and Their Illuminated Colors?

Green/Blue: Automatic Headlamp Dimmer, Cruise Control, Daytime Running Lights, Engine Start, Fog Lights Switched On, Headlamp Indicator, Headlamp Out or Malfunction, High Beam Assistant, High Beams On, Turn Signal…

Yellow/Orange: Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Airbag System (SRS), Check Engine, Fuel Cap Malfunction, Low Coolant, Low Fuel, Low Washer Fluid, Oil Level Warning, Parking Break, Seat Belt Reminder, Service Light, Tire Pressure Warning Light (TPMS), Traction Control On/Off…

Red: Battery Charging System, Brake Fluid Level Low, Engine Coolant Temperature, Engine Oil Sensor Warning, Oil Pressure Warning…

When Should I Take My Acura to the Repair Shop?

Sometimes you can diagnose and correct your Acura’s problem on your own (again: refer to your owner’s manual), other times you cannot. If one of the illuminated symbols appears on your instrument cluster and it is red or blinking, or occurs often, take extreme caution and warning (in which you may have to pull over..e.g. engine overheating) and get to your independent Acura technician asap!